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Welcome! Adults, children, and families!

Unlimited regular classes $99.00 per month.  Ask for discounts* and show proof.

♠ Korean Sword coming to our school in February 1st,  2020 at 9:30 AM $25.00 per month Saturdays only!

We are locating at:

1333 South 14th Street,  Leesburg,  Florida 34748, 

Souhside Plaza, next to San Juan Restaurant and Save A Lot 

Start your training today! No waiting! Do not procrastinate!

Starting age is 6 years old. No contracts and no registration fees for Taekwondo Classes! That means no 6 month or year long contracts, no registration fees. Just your word and commitment to learn! 

I want to train you!    

     Thank you for inquiring about Martial Arts of Leesburg LLC. You do not have to have prior martial arts experience or be a kid in order to start training in our system. Martial Arts of Leesburg LLC provides the best Taekwondo/Korean martial arts instruction (unarmed self-defense). Taekwondo is the national martial art of Korean. It is also an official Olympic sport since 2000 Olympics.
We teach more than just physical fighting arts, there is also discipline of spirit through the unity of one’s mind and body. This leads to a higher or increased self-confidence in one’s person, physically and mentally.
Taekwondo is the perfect physical fitness, stress reliever, improves balance and flexibility.

The Five Tents of Taekwondo are:
• Courtesy (yeui / 예의)
• Integrity (yeomchi / 염치)
• Perseverance (innae / 인내)
• Self-control (geukgi / 극기)
• Indomitable spirit (baekjeolbulgul / 백절불굴)

Learn from one of the area’s leading instructor. U.S. Marine combat vet, 2 times State Champion, Law Enforcement trained.
*Family, Military, LEO and other discounts on classes.

This school is not a daycare center. Please watch your children! No refunds!

Owned and operated by Master Cy Stearns

4th Dan Kukkiwon (WTF) & ITA

M o r e   i n f o