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Welcome! New After School Program & Adult only classes

We are locating at:

1333 South 14th Street,  Leesburg,  Florida 34748, 

Across from Subway, next to Save a lot

Starting age 6 years old. No contracts and no registration fees for Taekwondo Classes! That means no 6 month or year long contracts.

I want to train you!    

     Thank you for inquiring about Martial Arts of Leesburg LLC. You do not have to have prior martial arts experience or be a kid in order to start training in our system. We provide the best Taekwondo/Hapkido (Korean Art forms) training and experience. This Dojang (training center/gym) is ran with a high morally responsible environment. A place where a person or family can enjoy spending quality time together and come without being afraid or intimidated by instructor(s) or fellow students. We like to think of our members as family. Having fun during training makes it enjoyable, at the same time training is very serious; horse play is not allowed and safety is always paramount. We all have to return work/school the next day, leave your egos at your house and do not bring them into the Dojang!

      You commit to training and I commit to giving you the quality training you deserve. Learning a martial arts system is like learning to walk all over again. This school emphasizes on the basics first! Such basics as proper fall down techniques, basic kicks and strikes/punches, stances and forms (Poomsae). While continuing to learn and build upon these basics in order to make them second nature. You will also learn advance techniques once a good foundation is built.

     Our self-defense techniques are taken from a Korean martial art form called Hapkido. This utilizes escapes, joint locks, joint manipulations and throws to name a few. Since Hapkido is a dynamic, modern, scientific martial art form, the full experience of this art is shown to teenagers and adults. Only simple, basic techniques are exercised with younger children.  

This school is not a daycare center. Please watch you children! No refunds!

Kikkiwon # 05440528   3rd Dan Black Belt (Official Worldwide Headquarters of Taekwondo since 1971)

USA Taekwondo # 999705310   Club # 7134

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